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About Me

I am licensed to practice counseling in the state of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I have a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Wheeling Jesuit University. I hold a Master's degree in Community Counseling from The College of New Jersey. I have earned a certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from the Department of Psychology at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where I studied psychological assessment and cognitive behavioral approaches to counseling.


Counseling can help us to live purposeful, self-directed, and satisfying lives. Thirty + years of experience has taught me to work with individuals from a person centered and collaborative approach in which we each bring an expertise to the counseling relationship. We work together to help you identify the goals that you want to pursue to live a fulfilling and authentic life. Working from an eclectic therapeutic orientation we choose the style and tailor the techniques to those that best fit your needs.

Participation in valued social roles in the communities of our choice enhances our self-esteem, increases our quality of life, and supports overall health and wellness. Together we will identify the barriers and challenges, both internal and external, that inhibit or constrict your experience of living your life to the fullest with courage and conviction. We will also tap into and build upon your inherent strengths, identifying additional supports and resources needed to facilitate your journey. 

I have worked in the counseling and psychiatric rehabilitation fields for 30+ years.  My work history is varied with extensive experience in the public mental health system working to help individuals to overcome mental health and substance use conditions, including:

  • individual and group psychotherapy,

  • community residential programming, 

  • outreach and case management services for individuals who 
are homeless and experiencing mental health and substance abuse 

  • peer delivered and self-help services, 

  • program development, supervision, and administration, and

  • education, training, and technical assistance.

I have published a number of articles and book chapters related to recovery from mental health conditions and have presented at numerous local and national conferences on mental health recovery, recovery oriented services, and psychiatric rehabilitation.


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